The Regional Research Library in Liberec is the inheritor of the Czech and German library traditions in Liberec (Reichenberg).


1759    the library of the dean Anton Kopsch

1846    the first public lending room

1863    the library of the Česká beseda society

1885    Deutsche Volksbibliothek

1901    the first German public library

1904    the first Czech public library

1924    German library Bücherei der Deutschen

1938    closure of the Czech public library

1945    Státní studijní knihovna (State Study Library)

1947    the rigth to receive a legal deposit copy granted (to 1995)

1954    fire, 250.000 volumes destroyed

1959    the merger of research and public libraries

1990    The Research Library Liberec

1995    project of the new building "The Reconciliation Building" under the patronage of the presidents V. Havel and R. Herzog

1996    starting construction of the new library building

1997    foundation stone laid

2000    9.11. formal opening

2001    8.3. opening for public