Where to find us


Krajská vědecká knihovna v Liberci, příspěvková organizace
(Regional Research Library in Liberec)
Rumjancevova 1362/1
CZ 460 01 Liberec 1

GPS: 50.7716811,15.0586

Telephone: +420 482 412 133 (Information Service desk)
E-mail: library@kvkli.cz

Company Registration Number: 00083194
Tax Identification Number: CZ00083194
Bank account: 38231461/0100 (Komerční banka)
ID data boxes: j6xkk7s

Entrances to the library

  • the main entrance from Rumjancevova Street behind the F.X. Šalda Theatre
  • entrance to the car park in Pastýřská Street

Information for people with specific needs

  • the library is completely barrier-free 
  • toilets located on each and every floor
  • car park in the building itself, with an elevator going to each individual floor