English Library

The heart of the English Library collection consists of documents purchased with the support of the British Council in Prague from 2002–2015. These are marked on the back with a British flag and inside with a British Council label. Other books are usually obtained as gifts.

Book Collection

All documents are available to be borrowed and taken home, except those marked with a yellow stripe and used for study in the library.

• fiction - prose, poetry, plays, easy reading, bilingual fiction (classified by the first two letters of the author’s surname)

• non-fiction, advanced English textbooks and textbooks and manuals for the Cambridge exams (classified according to Universal Decimal Classification)

• books for children and young people

English Examinations

Cambridge English Examinations in Liberec and other cities in the Czech Republic are held several times each year by the European Language Examination Centre, both in written and computer form. Those interested in taking language examinations or free pre-testing will find the necessary information and registration details at http://www.elec.eu/. The Liberec Regional Research Library has been a partner of the European Language Examination Centre since 2016.


Lukáš Fogl, email: fogl@kvkli.cz, tel.: +420 482 412 150

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