Services for the disabled

All holders of ZTP (Disability Identification) cards are entitled to a 50% discount on registration.

Physically Handicapped

  • Wheelchair access to all areas of the Library.
  • Car parking available in the building, with lift access to all floors. 
  • All equipment at a suitable height for handicapped users, including selfcheck and scanners.

Visually Impaired

  • Designation of floors in the lift indicated in Braille. 
  • The Music Library has a wide range of audiobooks and audio files, including educational CDs in several languages.
  • Extended borrowing times for audio items up to 31 days; new items may be borrowed immediately upon release (rather than upon expiration of copyright protection).
  • Web pages may be viewed in a format suitable for the visually impaired.
  • The Music Library is equipped with an electric piano.
  • Reading glasses may be borrowed in the General Lending Library. A reading magnifier may borrowed in The Study Library.
  • iPads and e-readers available for borrowing.

Hearing impaired

  • The Entrance Hall and Large Hall on the 2nd floor are equipped with an audio induction loop.
  • A computer suitable is available for use by the hearing impaired, equipped ith a web camera and Skype.
  • A number of lectures are translated into sign language.
  • Several members of staff are trained in basic sign language.
  • A range of publications are available by deaf authors, books and DVDs dealing with the issues faced by the hearing impaired, textbooks, films and DVDs with Czech subtitles, iPads and e-readers.


Eva Šťastná, email:, tel.: +420 482 412 141