Where to find...

Where to find…

adult fiction                                        General Library, branches

adult non-fiction                               General Library, Study Library, branches

university textbooks                         Study Library

children’s fiction and non-fiction   Children’s and Youth Library, branches

audio documents, films                    Music Library

audiobooks                                         Music Library, branches

music textbooks                                Music Library

periodicals                                          Study Library, General Library, branches

foreign languages                               Study Library

maps                                                    Study Library

music scores                                       Music Library

board games                                      Music Library, branches

electronic keyboard                         Music Library

technical standards                          Study Library

e-readers, iPads                               Study Library

e-books                                              catalogue, remote access

licensed databases                         Study Library, remote access

digital libraries                                  Study Library, remote access,
                                                             partly free access   

scanners                                            General Library, Study Library,
                                                             Children's and Youth Library, Music Library

book scanner                                    Information Service, Study Library

Internet access                                Wi-Fi, Information Service,
                                                            Children's and Youth Library