Lending services

Library users may select items from open shelves. Loans are made at self-service loan stations (selfcheck) or at library desks.

The great majority of the library stock is available for external lending; however, some items (especially reference works) may only be borrowed in-house (such items are marked with a yellow band). Non-registered users may borrow items on a one-off basis (in accordance with the conditions outlined in the Library Regulations).

Upon expiry of loan times the user must return borrowed items at self-service loan stations or to the library desk in the relevant department. Items may be returned when the library is not open using the ‘bookbox’ in front of the library entrance. Items thus returned shall be signed off Readers’ Accounts by 10am the following working day.

Open access lending

Fiction is arranged by genre (crime, historical novels, poetry etc.) in alphabetical order by author. Non-fiction and popular textbooks are arranged by subject and are catalogued using the Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) system.