Lending services

Library users may select items from the open shelves. Loans are made at self-service loan stations (selfcheck) or at library desks.

The great majority of the library stock is available for external lending; however, some items (especially reference works) may only be borrowed in-house (such items are marked with a yellow band). Non-registered users may borrow items on a one-off basis (in accordance with the conditions outlined in the Library Regulations).

Upon expiry of loan times the user must return borrowed items to the self-service loan stations or to the library desk in the relevant department. Items may be returned when the library is closed using the ‘bookbox’ in front of the library entrance. Items returned this way will be signed off User Accounts by 10am the following working day.

Open access lending

Fiction is arranged by genre (crime, historical novels, poetry etc.) in alphabetical order by author. Non-fiction and popular textbooks are arranged by subject and are catalogued using the Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) system.

Ordering from the stack

Items from the stack are made available in the Study Library (1st Floor) upon completion of a printed or electronic loan request form. Such loans take about fifteen minutes to process.

Orders from open access (lending)

Documents are prepared for collection on an ongoing basis. However, preparation time may be extended up to 3 hours, depending on how busy the library is. You will receive a request to pick up the document by e-mail or SMS. This service is subject to a charge – see Price List.

Reservation of items on loan

Items on loan can be reserved either online or in person at the desk. You will receive a request to pick up the document by e-mail or SMS. This service is subject to a charge - see Price List.


EBSCO E-books

The Library has a range of EBSCO e-books which readers may browse and borrow, with titles from academia, non-fiction and fiction.

E-book access

  • E-books are available to readers to browse in the computer section of the Study Library. Remote access is available to registered readers by logging in to their User Account. E-books may be browsed online or downloaded (borrowed) to your device and browsed offline using the Adobe Digital Editions app. If you want to borrow something, create an account on the EBSCOhost platform.
  • devices / OS: any Windows, Android or iOS device where Adobe Digital Editions can be installed (for offline reading)

Search facilities

EBSCOhost interface in the e-book database (accessible from the catalogue – login to your User Account and click on EBSCO).

  • Loan period – 14-31 days (shorter periods available)
  • Maximum number of borrowed items is 10
  • Printing: a maximum of 60 pages may be printed from one e-book during one logged-in session

E-readers, iPads