Austrian Library

The Austrian Library in Liberec was opened on May 23, 1992. It is part of a network of Austrian libraries operating in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe, and Asia (in excess of 60 libraries) under the initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Vienna. The objective of these libraries is to acquaint the public with Austrian literature, culture, politics and further information about the country.
The library operates under the regulations which govern the Regional Research Library in Liberec. Registration, fees and lending regimes are the same throughout the entire library.

Available services:

The Austrian Library book collection comprises books of Austrian provenance, by Austrian writers and with a focus on Austria, its history, contemporary life and culture. The majority of the books are in German.
The Austrian Library is located in the Reference Section on the 1st floor in the GERMAN section (alongside the Goethe-Institut Partner Library), with some material held in the stock.

The book collection comprises:

Fiction – prose, poetry, drama (books are arranged in alphabetical order according to the first two letters of the author’s surname).

• Non-fiction – social sciences, humanities, German as a foreign language, literary studies, regional studies, biographies, history (sorted by UDC - Universal Decimal Classification)

• Newspapers and magazines

• Audiobooks, CDs and DVDs

• Maps

• Liechtenstein Shelf – donations from the Principality of Liechtenstein (marked Li / Ö-B)

Cultural and educational events:

Conversation classes open to the public, lectures, readings, film screenings, and exhibitions in collaboration with lecturers from the Austrian Agency for International Cooperation in Education and Research (OeAD) working at Liberec Technical University.


Library: Ing. Martina Sanetrníková, email:, tel.: +420 482 412 137

Scientific Advisor: Mgr. Nikola Mizerová, Ph.D., email:, tel.: +420 485 354 280

OeAD lectirer: Mgr. Sandra Braun, email:, tel.: +420 485 352 326

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