German Library

The Regional Research Library in Liberec works in partnership with the Goethe-Institut in the Czech Republic. There are also German reading rooms – Deutsche Lesesäle – which aim to acquaint the general public with German culture, education and contemporary life in Germany. Books and other documents are funded by the Goethe-Institut, Prague, and the headquarters of the Goethe-Institut Inter Nationes in Munich.

Library collections

Library collections comprise books by German authors and books about Germany, its history, present and culture

  • fiction, including prose, poetry, plays, easy reading and bilingual fiction, is divided into the original German (German authors writing in German) and translations of world literature into German (classified by the first two letters of the surname of the author)
  • specialized literature and non-fiction, German textbooks, conversations, Czech-German dictionaries, language manuals (sorted by field according to the Universal Decimal Classification)

Cultural and educational activities

Both partners are involved in organizing cultural events at the Library.


Marcela Freimuthová, email:, tel.: +420 482 412 125

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